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10702 46th Street
Tampa, FL 33617
Pullman Ermator Inc.

About Us

Pullman Ermator staff of engineers and designers are dedicated to producing HEPA dust extractor systems and air scrubbers that meet or exceed the OSHA standards and pass on the benefits of cutting edge technology to its customer, in the construction, abatement and restoration industries. Recent Pullman Ermator innovations include:

- Longopac system for dust-free bag changes, and drop-down disposal

- Jet Pulse filter cleaning, and proactive maintenance features like manometers and hour meters which warn you when filter is clogged or broken

- Visual alarm for clogged/broken HEPA filters in our Air Scrubbers

Pullman Ermator’s approach to quality control is unmatched in the air cleaning and dust extraction industries. Every single HEPA filters is individually tested and certified at filtration rate 99.99% at 0.3 microns. After more than forty years of leadership in the dust extraction and air cleaning industries, Ermator is a company you can trust. With the largest product offerings, and BEST in CLASS including its newest models, the T10000 and the T8600 Propane Pullman Ermator is the choice of the professional contractors in all industries. 

Give us a call or email us so we can give you more information about our products and where you can find our closest distributor that has on sights parts and service.

S Line Single Phase Extractors

T Line - Three Phase Extractors

Propane Dust Extractors

C Line - Pre-Separators

W Line - Wet/Dry Vacuums

Pullman-Holt Vacuums

Pullman-Holt Air Scrubbers

Parts & Accessories

Visit our website: www.ermatorusa.com
Pullman Ermator Inc. | 10702 46th Street  Tampa, FL 33617 | 855x-736x-2869
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